Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kylin comes over for a girls night!

On Wednesday I went to Portland for a dentist appointment and then on Thursday I picked Kylin up and she came down to Salem with us (after we ate Cruisers in Portland) It was so fun! We had a great time, first we went to the Dollar Tree and got some candy (very important for a sleepover!) and some other fun stuff like a special glass for Ky to drink out of (It was like a big goblet with etched glass, it looked fit for a queen!) Then we went to Fred Meyer to get some makeup and dinner, which turned out to be hot pockets (Kylins choice!) We got home and watched Lady and the Tramp and ate candy! We had a plan to watch movies, stay up until 12:00am and eat candy, and guess what? We succeeded! We ended up staying up till almost or 0am because Kylin was hungry for a snack, so we had some strawberries, bananas, and chocolate fruit dip! It was great fun, and I felt like the coolest, most irresponsible Aunt in the world! The next morning Dylan woke us up at 8:00am and we had some yummy yogurt for breakfast (coconut cream pie is my absolute favorite!) Then we put on another movie, which I think was Shrek 2, and put on make-up and painted our fingernails. After that Kylin and I went to the mall and had lots of fun goofing around, and eating cinnamon rolls from cinnabon! We took some pictures of Kylin trying on clothes (a very funny sun hat, glasses and very cute green shoes) and then, my favorite part of the night, we met Breana, Rich, Kaden, and Kiran at the Mc Menamins right down the street from our apartments! We ate really good food, (Breana and Rich's treat, Thanks!!) and we stuck around to hear the band play their first song, which Kylin really enjoyed! Then Bre, Rich and the fam came up to our apartment to check it out, and guess what? They gave it two thumbs up! We are going to have to plan another sleep over soon, because i had a great time! Thanks Kylin! I could not figure out for the life of me how to make these pics right side up! I would rotate them, then load them to blogger and they would be sideways everytime! Sorry!

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patti said...

That looks like soooo much FUN!
Love, Mommy