Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moving Day!!

Heres some pictures of Christian and I moving into our new Home! With a little help from our Mommys and Daddys!! Also, I didnt start taking pictures until we got out of the house, so I dont have any of Rich (Breana's husband) But he was so nice and came over to help us too! And, while we moved into our apartment and out of Mom and Dads, Stephanie watched Dyllie! Thank you everyone!! (We love our new home!)

Dad, lookin like he's just about had it with someone! (hope it wasnt me!)

Rich, in mid-step! And what better to be packin then the toilet paper!
Mommy, doing her job, (what a tough one at that) keeping watch on the moving van and reading her magazine!!

Who's that midget in the background? Right after I took this picture, Rich acted like he was wiping his bum with the whole pack of toilet paper! Yum Yum!!

Hey Steph, what's in the glass? A little Jose? Dylan's doing the captain Morgan stance! (I swear she didn't have any!!)

The parents and the sweet little angel, hahaha! (Shes standing at the foot of my chair screaming at me!! Ahh... youre such a cuttie!!)

The back of the moving van I had to look at for an Hr! "Our low decks make your move easier!" I read that saying SO MANY TIMES!

U-Hauls Moving Vans have LOWER DECKS and WIDE EZ-LOAD RAMPS!! Wow! Who's excited about that!! (not me!) And there's my little Mummzy again, looking cute at her look out point!!

Oh, again but a little different position!

Hey, theres a couple of meanie weanie chili beanies!! They were giving me a bunch of crap when I took these pictures!

Wow! That big honkin tounge Christian passed to Dyllie must have come from his Dad! He He!

Look at that handsome guy!

I think they were having too much fun in that moving truck! They rolled up the windows so I couldnt hear what they were saying!

Wow, that seals got some tusks on em!!

We had such a great time that night! Rich, Christian, and my Dad got some hard A and pizza, and almost got us our first complaint! No, I'm just kidding! But we had a pretty good time!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Miss Burger Queen!!

Today Dad, Mom, Dylan, and I met Christian down in Salem, to sign the lease for our new apartment!! It was great! Then after we were done Mom, Dad, Dylan, and I went to lunch at Burger King, where I got Dylan her first Burger Queen hat! Yes! I said Queen, because the hat was made especially for the Queen of Burger King, and that Queen was Dylan, for the 20 seconds she had it on.
First she was just wondering "what's on my head?"

Then she was thinking "Get this off my head!!"

I think she was worried it would mess up her hair. :) Just Kidding!

Monday, March 17, 2008

We just got these pictures taken at Portrait Innovations the other day! We stopped by just to get the deal they are advertising, for $9.95, you get 1=10x13 2=8x10's 2=5x7's 4=4x6's 4=3x5's 36 wallets and 6 Easter cards! The bad thing is, It's very hard to turn down pictures of your child, so we ended up spending $108.95 instead of the $9.95 we could afford! We were out for lunch, and I said "I wonder if Portrait Innovations is still open?" and Christian said "We can go in and check if you want" and I said "Ya, lets go!" We just wanted pictures of her taken in her diaper, because I hadn't dressed her for pictures, but the lady kept saying "the next shots we'll take of her in her diaper" So we only got about 1/6th of the pictures taken in her diaper. I guess it was more important what she wanted, then what we wanted! :) We didn't get all these pictures printed, but we bought the CD so we could print out the other ones, we just cant print them any bigger than a 3x5 or 4x6, I'm not sure which, I can't remember? Anyway, here's the pictures!

This is my FAVORITE PICTURE!! I love it! We got it with the corners softened, and also in sepia. We also got a 10x13 of it!! I think it will look so good up on the wall!
Look at how long her eyelashes look in this picture!

Believe it or not, these pictures were a nightmare to take! Dylan didn't want to be in them without her Mommy and Daddy, so she cried every time I put her down! But over all that, I still think we got some good ones!

This picture was so funny, because the beads we put around her neck separated so they crossed at her neck, and came down in two loops that looked like boobies!
You can tell in this one shes thinking about it, "should I cry, or just crawl away?"

Look at those big teary eyes! We had many crying sessions between all the pictures!

I love these pictures where shes making different faces. Not very many of them that were taken are "happy" pictures, but they are all such different expressions, you can almost tell what she was thinking.

"Hmm, I see those keys above my head, but I'm not sure I'm done crying?"
He He He, this picture looks like a little bunny rabbit! You can see right up her nose, and look at those little chompers!

I love this picture too! My poor baby!

"I'm in a trance! Don't bother me!"

I think she was talking in this picture. Her little lips look so cute!

" Come on Dad, roll me the ball back!"

" Ahh... I'm safe! Daddy's holding me! See his arm behind me?"

"Daddy! Where'd you go?"

Look at those big blue eyes! There all red and teary! My poor little girl!

"I see you Mom! I'm comin to get you, don't you know you can't hide from me?"

Is that Daddy or Mommy tickling Dylan? I can't tell?
Oh, must be Daddy, because Mommy's covered in a black velvet sheet holding Dylan, but my shoulder's sticking out and you can see my bright green shirt!

I love it that Dylan feels so safe with Christian and I, but it makes it very hard to take pictures!

Is that Mommy's knee?

She cut off my shoe!!

OOhhh, That's one ticklish tummy!

What a beautiful smile!

"Why are all these photographers making weird noises at me?"

" I'm happy cause Mommy's holding me!"

"Daddy! That tickles!!"

That's a funny face!

Ohh, my beautiful baby!!

"Does my shirt really match this background? I don't think so!!"

" I see that toy over there, and I think I'm gonna go get it!"

This is called "The Dazed Smile" and you get it when there's a bunch of weird Lady's talking to me, and Mommy is tickling my tummy!

"Mmm, I'm not sure what you want me to do here people?"
Ha Ha Ha!! Such a cute chubby smile!

Look at those dirty shoes! That's a good reason I didn't want to take the pictures with her clothes on! (stupid lady!) Sorry! I'll try and control myself!

These were the first pictures taken, and you can tell she doesn't know what to think, shes got that dazed look on her face like, "Whats going on?"

I love you all! Thank you for looking at my pictures!! Bye Bye!