Saturday, April 5, 2008

My new camera!!

Yippee!!! Christian and I paid off our Circuit City card, so Christian agreed that it was my turn to get something! (THANK YOU CHRISTIAN!!) I've been wanting a camera for so long now, because, while my blackberry camera phone takes great pictures for a phone, they're just not good enough for taking pictures of Dylan while she grows into a beautiful young lady, well, toddler right now, but lady soon! So, here's some of the pictures I've taken so far, but I'm still learning what all the buttons do, so some of the photos aren't as good as they could be, due to my lack of knowledge and experience! This is actually the first camera I've had since I was 8. It was a hot pink, super cheap, plastic POS, 5$ camera my Mom got me for camp one year (Thanks Mom!) :) Anyway, I'll figure it out! I hope you like them!

Believe it or not, this picture was taken in the pitch black, in our room, while I was putting Dyllie to sleep (she looks really tired huh!) I just used the automatic settings and I think it turned out pretty good! She didnt even have red eyes in it!!

I absolutley love this picture, with her rosey cheeks, pink lips, and her hair thats getting so long! Wow, how did we have such a cute baby!?!

Ohh... She had just woken up in the morning and she has that "I'm not quite all here yet" kind of look goin on! And the nice flip hair do, just on the left side of her head! (It's a new fashion now! Didn't you know!?!)

I took this picture, along with a couple other ones because her butt crack was hanging out so much! But you can,t really tell in this one, I just picked it cause you could see her face!

This one is so funny! I think I caught her off guard! What do you think?

Ahh... A nap for baby means a much needed break for Mommy! She's my little sleeping Angel!

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