Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moving Day!!

Heres some pictures of Christian and I moving into our new Home! With a little help from our Mommys and Daddys!! Also, I didnt start taking pictures until we got out of the house, so I dont have any of Rich (Breana's husband) But he was so nice and came over to help us too! And, while we moved into our apartment and out of Mom and Dads, Stephanie watched Dyllie! Thank you everyone!! (We love our new home!)

Dad, lookin like he's just about had it with someone! (hope it wasnt me!)

Rich, in mid-step! And what better to be packin then the toilet paper!
Mommy, doing her job, (what a tough one at that) keeping watch on the moving van and reading her magazine!!

Who's that midget in the background? Right after I took this picture, Rich acted like he was wiping his bum with the whole pack of toilet paper! Yum Yum!!

Hey Steph, what's in the glass? A little Jose? Dylan's doing the captain Morgan stance! (I swear she didn't have any!!)

The parents and the sweet little angel, hahaha! (Shes standing at the foot of my chair screaming at me!! Ahh... youre such a cuttie!!)

The back of the moving van I had to look at for an Hr! "Our low decks make your move easier!" I read that saying SO MANY TIMES!

U-Hauls Moving Vans have LOWER DECKS and WIDE EZ-LOAD RAMPS!! Wow! Who's excited about that!! (not me!) And there's my little Mummzy again, looking cute at her look out point!!

Oh, again but a little different position!

Hey, theres a couple of meanie weanie chili beanies!! They were giving me a bunch of crap when I took these pictures!

Wow! That big honkin tounge Christian passed to Dyllie must have come from his Dad! He He!

Look at that handsome guy!

I think they were having too much fun in that moving truck! They rolled up the windows so I couldnt hear what they were saying!

Wow, that seals got some tusks on em!!

We had such a great time that night! Rich, Christian, and my Dad got some hard A and pizza, and almost got us our first complaint! No, I'm just kidding! But we had a pretty good time!!


UrbanHippieMama said...

Looks like a Party!! So sad we missed it.

patti said...

that was a FUN day and your apt. is SO cute! we are really happy for you guys and were glad to help.
love, mommy and daddy