Monday, March 10, 2008

We're Moving Out!!!

Yay!!! We got the answer today, we were accepted!!! I am so excited! Christian and I went down to Salem on Friday to check out some aapartments we saw on the internet. They were awesome! Better than I had imagined, and very cheap on rent. They are brand new, built in January this year, and the whole building is beautiful! If these apartments were built in a different area, they could probebly charge atleast $800.00 for rent. But thank goodness there not, because we need them in Salem! Christian's boss had made him a nice offer about a month ago, if we'd move to Salem, He'd give him a $3.00/hr raise and $1,000.00 bonus to get into an apartment! We were looking to move out soon, so it worked out nicely for us. Christian and I made an appointment for friday to go look at them and we had his parents come with us. I think we were all impressed at how nice they are! We filled out applications and they told us they would call us wednesday and let us know if we were excepted. The weekend was very hard to wait thru since Christian and I had never applied for an apartment, and we wanted this apartment so bad! I made an appointment for monday to take my parents to see them, and Christian met us there, (he was at work). I took pictures for my blog, and then we went to give them the key back, I walked in and a lady I had never seen before said the manager told her to tell us we were excepted!! I couldnt believe my ears! We are so happy, and so ready to take the next step in our relationship, and family, so heres the pictures!


UrbanHippieMama said...

oh my GOSH.. i love your apt SO much!!!! i am so so excited for you guys. what a neat first home. :) i can't wait to see it!

Haley Cross said...

You like it? I love the carpet, inside and outside of the apartment, and the green and yellow walls, I love yellow walls, there so bright and cheery! Well I'm glad you like it, I thought you would! and i cant wait until you can come over and see it!! Very soon after we get moved in I want to have an 'apartment warming party' hehehe, that will be fun! Love you!

patti said...

Thanks for taking us to see your new home. It's beautiful and we're so happy for you guys! Glad we got to see your faces when you heard the news!! :-)
Love, Mommy