Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our trip to Marryhill Winery with Steph and Rich

OMG! This trip was so fun, and relaxing, and the wine didn't hurt either!! It was such a beautiful place. The winery overlooked the vineyard, It was such an awesome view! Its was just perfect! Christian's parents (and my future parents in law) invited us. It was so fun to hang out with them all day, doing something that they truly enjoy, and being able to share that with them! It was seriously perfect! (Rich and Steff- when we going back?) :) I love this picture of Christian and I! I was sad that Dylan couldn't be with us, but at the same time, it was nice to relax!!! This picture is so funny of Christian! You can tell he was having a good time! The funniest part of this picture though is that Christian was drinking water all day! (He doesn't like wine!) Ohhh... look at this one... He actually looks like he likes me! This fire was so nice, it was a great day outside, it was just windy and a little chilly, so the fire was awesome to sit by and drink some wine! Wow... He really looks like he likes me here! I guess he must! I love this picture too! It shows what a great time we were having! And you can REALLY tell I was toasted because I don't even have my eyes open! He He He! The only thing I wished about this picture was that Stephanie could have been in it with us! I guess its obvious who's camera it was that took all the pictures! That's a lot of wine in there! I was thinking about just putting my lips around the faucet and turning the handle! That would have been a lot of fun! I'm sure Rich and Steff would have helped me finish it off, although we may have been there a while!!! Ahhh... Hes so cute, his mom told him to give me a hug, so he tried to give me a long distance hug, he was trying to act like he liked me, but it was just to hard for him! :) I saved the best picture for last! I love him so much! He's my first baby, Lily's my second, and Dylan's my third! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Also, I know I took a few pictures with Stephanie in them, but she didn't email me any with her, so I'm gonna have to get a couple from her to add to the blog. At least just to prove she actually was with us! And so you can see what a great time she was having to. These pictures were taken with amy camera phone, so there not that great, but this was inside the barrel room, where they keep all the barrels of wine, and they had twinkle lights up everywhere, and the best part was the winery mascot, Potter. He was huge! I cant remember what breed of dog he is, but he was very soft and sweet! (I was bad and fed him some of my desert so he would stay with me long enough to get a picture!)

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