Sunday, March 16, 2008

Update on Our Familie's Move

We thought we would get the keys to our new apartment on Friday and be moving in on Saturday, but there was some confusion with Christians work papers that were filled out by his boss, so it took a little bit longer and we didn't get to sign the lease on Friday and move in. The original plan didn't work out, so now were on plan b, sign the lease on Wednesday, move in on the following weekend. Hopefully it doesn't take any longer than that, because I don't think I can wait any longer!! Here's a few more pictures of the Broadway Building, inside the lobby, by the elevator, in the parking lot, and in the stair well.

This is the lobby, when you walk in the front doors. I love these chairs, you could put them in a row, like a couch, or two next to each other with a coffee table in the middle, then the other two on the opposite side of the coffee table. There are so many ways you could set them up! I think we might look at Ikea, and see if we can't find some cheap ones for our living room. This is such a great view, it was taken in the stair well, and its very scary to look over the side, and see just how far down it is to the ground!

This is the same area as the last picture, just a different angle. I love how much natural light this building has in it. It makes me happy!

This is the elevator, and this sucks because there is no service elevator that you can use to take furniture up to the top floors, so you'd have to lug it up the stairs, or try to cram it in the elevator. But I guess there's a way, because people live in the building, or maybe they just don't have any furniture.

This is another picture taken in the lobby, when you come in the front doors, I love the fireplace, and the decorations, It's definitely my style, and it looks very comfy and welcoming! I love love love this picture! I love the colors, the style, and the little dog laying on her shoulder. I wonder who the artist is? I would like to have some art made by this artist! I really like this art too, I've never seen a painting like this before, and I don't even know how to explain what they've done? I think it's like, tiles, put together, to make a picture, but I wonder if they painted it before or after they put it together?

Here's another picture of their awesome chairs! I also like the way the floors done. It's very similar to the floors at the Weather Vain Coffee House in Oregon City, that I use to work at.

This is the woman at the door when you walk in, she was very embarrassed, and it was hard to get her to stop hiding when I'd try to take a picture of her. I like the brick that makes up the outside of her desk, and wall behind her.

This is a picture of just a little part of the parking lot, right behind the Broadway Building. Also, in the picture is my Mommy!! Oh, and Dad and Christian are back there in the back ground and so is Dylan, but shes hiding behind mom in her stroller (Christians pushing her).

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patti said...

the excitement just keeps building and building!!! it will go by fast 'cuz there's lots to do to get ready! remind me to pick up more boxes if you need them.
love, mommy