Saturday, March 1, 2008

My First Blog Post!

This is my first blog post, and I'm so excited about sharing my life from my point of view, with all of you guys!! My first post, and probably all the ones that follow are going to be about Dylan, and what better to start off with than her first steps!! I was up all night taking care of Christian in Dads shop, (but that's a different story) so I was VERY tired today when Dylan woke up, so after a little while I left Dylan with my Mom, and took a nap, and what better time for Dylan to start walking, than when Christian and I are both out of the room! Anyway, later Dylan and I were on the living room floor, and I was watching T.V. and she stood up with her balloon in her hands, and I said "Come on Dylan, come to Mommy!" And I guess she decided to listen to me, because she took about 6 steps to me like it was no problem! For the rest of the night she was cruising around. I think her longest stretch was about 12 steps, and she ended that one right into Grandmas lap! Mommy walking backwards on her knees, with Dylan holding on to her shirt. (This was fun until I got to the kitchen, then it just hurt!) Heres a couple pictures that Dylans Grandma, Stephanie Core, took about 4 days ago. This was a very fun night at Rich and Steff's house. Christian, Dylan, Rich, Steff, and I, ate pizza, played games, and Laughed... Alot!!


Anonymous said...

Geez that sure is a cute baby! must've been blessed with good genes from both parents. DADDY LOVES HIS GIRLS.

UrbanHippieMama said...

oh i'm SO happy you have a blog for me to stalk!
i love you!!!

aunt debbie said...

cute blog. cute baby. cute Haley.
I love you!
aunt debbie