Sunday, March 2, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So... I feel like I should put some stuff on here about Dylan's first year of life, just to catch you up, in case you don't see us very much!
Oh and by the way, Dylan took a total of 35 steps in one walk, and never fell down until the last step! She was so proud of herself!
Dylan gets chubby-
May 21st 2007- Dylan starts gaining serious weight around 2 and 1/2 months.
Dylan gets hair-
Dylan started getting hair on top of her head at about 2 months. It was growing the whole time, but it really started looking like hair that covered her head at about 2 months.
Dylan gives 5-
Dylan just started giving 5! Every time I put my hand out, palm up, and say "give me 5", she does! She thinks its very funny, and when she gives you 5 she actually gives you about 50, because she slaps your hand over and over, Its so cute!
Dylan grabs her toes-
June 17th 2007- Dylan has just recently started grabbing her left foot with her left hand. We think she is going to be left handed because she uses her left hand a lot more than her right to hold toys, grab her foot, and chew on her fingers.
Dylan grabs both feet at once-
July 11th 2007- Dylan was laying at the end of the bed and she put both of her feet up and grabbed them at the same time with her hands and held on! I said "Yay" and clapped, and she smiled very big like she was so proud of herself!
Dylan has a growth spurt-
July 27th 2007- Wow! I have just noticed in the last couple days Dylan has grown ALOT! Just since last week she is about 2 inches to long for her clothes, mainly her sleepers.
Dylan holds her own bottle-
Dylan has helped me hold her own bottle this morning and she has done this before on accident, but now I cant make her stop! She cant control it very well, so she pulls the bottle out of her mouth every now and then. If I take her hands off, she puts them right back. Little Stinker!
Dylan kicks Mommy-
Dylan loves to kick her feet around, and I just happen to be near her, so she kicks me, over and over and over! Its actually pretty cute, she looks like shes riding a bike or running!
Dylan learns to clap-
October 4th 2007- Christian and I were clapping and Dylan was watching and she tried to clap a couple times but she misjudged how far her hands were in front of her face, and she slapped herself a couple times! Then she started clapping, without hitting herself in the face! Of course there was no clapping sound coming from her clap because she wasn't doing it hard enough, but she got the motion down!
Dylan loves to play-
Dylan loves to play with the bag of Huggies wipes while I change her diaper, and if the wipes are out of her reach, she stares at them and moves her hands like shes trying to reach them. Then after she plays for a couple mins. she gets mad and yells because she cant get the bag in her mouth.
Dylan pulls Mommy's hair-
About 3 months old- Dylan grabbed a hand full of my hair and would not let go for about 30 secs. It was funny, but at the same time it hurt!
Dylan reaches 16 lbs.-
Just about 6 months old- At Dylan's 6 month check up with Dr. Schultz, she weighed in at 15 lbs 15 ozs. So we figured she would be right about 16 lbs. at 6 months.
Dylan rolls over for Dad (1st time)-
July 2007- I was gone and Christian and Dylan were on the bed and she rolled over from her back to her tummy! Then at her Dr.'s office she was on the examining table and the Dr. put her on her tummy and she tried to roll to her back but the Dr. stopped her so she wouldn't fall off the table.
Dylan rolls over for Mom (2nd time)-
May 1st 2007-Dylan was on the bed and she rolled from her back to her tummy. It took her a couple tries, but she did it! She rolled to her left and if I wasn't there she would have rolled right off the bed! Good thing I was there!
Dylan rolls, and rolls, and rolls-
August 9th 2007- I was getting ready to go to bed, and Christian was already in bed, and I layed Dylan down next to him and she rolled on to her tummy from her back, then from her back to her tummy, then back to her back! All in one motion, where I caught her from rolling right off the bed. I said, "Oh my gosh, where do you think you're going?" And then she smiled really big!

Dylan says "Da Da"-

August 30th 2007- Dylan has been saying Da Da alot lately! But it doesn't sound like its on purpose, except last night! Dylan got her immunizations a couple days ago, and shes been very cranky, and she was laying on the bed and Christian went out of the room, and she started fussing and put one hand out like she was reaching for him and said "Da Da" one time! It was so cute, But I have a feeling it was just a coincidence, because I know her first words (that shes trying to say) are going to be "Ma Ma" haha... Just kidding!

Dylan says "Ma Ma"-

September 25th 2007- Dylan said Ma Ma for the first time the other night! We were in our room and I had just got done changing her diaper, and she had her binky in her mouth, and she said "Ma Ma" about 5 times! It was so cute and it made me so happy to hear her say "Ma Ma" after only saying "Da Da" for so long!

Dylan sees stars-

July 27th 2007- Today Dylan noticed for the first time, the stars on my shoulders! She was looking at them, then she started 'petting' them with her hand, then she was trying to scratch them! But it was obvious she was focusing on each star.

Dylan sits without help-

August 5th 2007- Christian and Dylan and I were in bed, and I sat Dylan up and she stayed sitting up for 15 secs. then layed back right on to my thigh with her head! (My thigh is cushiony, so no one got hurt!)

Dylan sleeps on her tummy-

I was sleeping and I woke up to find Dylan asleep on her tummy. Now I know they say if she can roll to her tummy, its OK for her to sleep like that, but the night before I had a dream that she had died, so I was way to scared to let her sleep like that even though I know she would have been just fine!

Dylan smiling-

Dylan has smiled since the day she was born, but mostly in her sleep, now she smiles at her dad, strangers, family, and I! And pretty much everyone i left out! She started smiling at us at about 2 months, maybe a little earlier.


UrbanHippieMama said...

oh my gosh, what a neat "catch up"! it's so fun to look back at all of those pictures and see how much she has changed over the last year.

you can print your blog out in a book like blurb, so then it can become her baby book!!!

patti said...

i LOVE your blog!!! you used such cute and funny pictures. i'm so glad you've started it before you move so i can still see you all every day. be sure and put lots of video on it!
love, mommy